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Facilities & Features Student Accommodation Leeds

Northend Management has recently refurbished and upgraded its leisure and relaxing facilities such as the Gymnasium, Common room and Games Room also Northend Management is adding a Sauna/Steam room for the next academic year in Eldon Court student accommodation.

Unlike other student residential complexes these facilities are not only offered exclusively to our tenants (no external membership) but also come as part of the rent package at no extra cost and therefore luxury comes as a standard with Northend Management Ltd.

The facilities include:-

(500Mpbs download and 500Mbps upload. This is split out to 20/20 Mbps (download/upload) per device per room up to 3 devices for Wi-Fi and 1 ethernet socket)

Upgrading the broadband speed to double from September 2021.

student laundry
music room leeds

If you’re an international student planning to study at any Leed’s institution, we can secure you fully-furnished student accommodation before you arrive in Leeds.

Leeds is one of the most popular cities in the world. Finding a great apartment can be competitive, especially in locations close to major universities and the city.

If you are coming to Leeds for a shorter period during the academic year provide us with your housing dates, and we may be able to provide you with some options!

Keyless Connected Smart Door Locks
Keyless Connected Smart Door Locks
24 Hours Access to Games Room with Pool, Tennis & Hockey Tables/Arcade/Darts…etc
students flat games
Gym refurbished
24 Hours Access Gymnasium with Modern Equipment